Practically magic!

Williamsburg Carpet and Upholstery Care uses hot-water extraction method, and we told you why it was better than steam cleaning, in our last article. What does this look like, when Ross cleans your carpet at your office or home?

First, a cleaning solution is applied, breaking up and loosening soil.  We use as little cleaner (or spot treatment) as possible. Then, hot water is sprayed onto the fibers and immediately extracted, flushing the fibers clean.

This kind of carpet cleaning is the most effective method, because of the rinsing of the fibers. However, homeowners should beware of renting or buying products like extractors and steamers to use at home. Inexperience and subpar equipment could lead to soaking of your carpet and a large amount of detergent residue, while inadequate ventilation could cause mold growth.

We avoid high levels of detergent (and therefore detergent residue), which attracts dirt and can quickly make your carpet dirty again. And of course, we are concerned about your family’s exposure to volatile chemical compounds. We only use chemicals, when necessary. We also make sure that the water sprayed into the carpet is removed. The entire process doesn’t take long and usually involves four simple steps. Ross will start with an inspection of the area, then he’ll apply an emulsifier or detergent, next he will rinse the carpet fibers clean with fresh, clean and hot water, vacuuming out nearly all of the water. Within a couple of hours, your carpet will be dry again and ready for use.

Hot water extraction is essentially superior because with pure steam, there is no “rinsing” of the fibers, which is necessary to remove soil and cleaning detergents.

If you’re in the Williamsburg area, give Williamsburg Carpet & Upholstery Care, LLC a call. Ross and our cleaning professionals perform hot-water extraction using a high-power, industrial machine. We’ll leave your carpets completely clean with absolutely no residue left afterward, and dry within a few hours.  Give us a call at (757) 258-2552 to talk to Mandy about an estimation or appointment.

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