Do-It-Yourself Saggy Sofa Remedy

Question: Can you make a worn-out couch look new again?

Answer: Yes, with a good cleaning and perhaps a couple of pillows!

The reason that we wrote this post because of a very well-loved couch was cleaned by us, a couple of weeks ago and even though the material just looked fabulously clean and new again …. the stuffing of the couch was just tired. Saggy. We looked online and found a solution for the client and here it is. Super-easy Do-It-Yourself Saggy Sofa Remedy!

Grab a large amount of Poly-fil or a queen-sized pillow and tuck it behind the cushion, making sure to position it behind any foam or pillow that may already be in the cushion. Placing the fill behind the existing cushion will help to keep everything looking smooth, from the front – and likely feel better, too. If you’re unable to reach up into the sunken corners, use a ruler to send the fill up. If you have checked for zippers and cannot find any and all the seams are sewn closed, carefully open the stitches from the bottom and follow the same steps.  re-sewing the seams closed.

For a very thorough demonstration with great photos, visit this website. PS. Williamsburg Carpet & Upholstery Care tried it and it worked amazingly well. Now… let’s see if we can get some “after” photos of our client’s couch after she tries the method! Above is the “before” photo – before the cleaning and before the restuff! Stay Tuned!

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